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Reclaimed Hardwoods

Wood has been the choice material for centuries for craftsmen, furniture makers and builders. What better product could be found with the shaping and beauty characteristics of solid wood?

At Alpine Reclaimed wood, we go one step beyond by providing some of the most desirable specialty reclaimed wood and lumber from the mountains of Western North Carolina. All of our products are reclaimed from various sources with a complete focus on sustainable forestry.

Wood and lumber can be reclaimed from old barns and other buildings, cleanup of commercial logging jobs, wind fallen or dead treesand clearing building sites. When you use any of our products, feel better in knowing you helped protect our best natural resource.

Western North Carolina is home to a wide variety of tree species. Some of the most recognizable are the American Black Walnut, American Cherry, Hard and Soft Maple, American Chestnut and the Red and White Oak. Each of these species of hardwood have their own distinguishing characteristics and are chosen time and time again for projects that can enhance and personalize your home or business.

If you have any questions regarding reclaimed hardwoods, call us at the number above.